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Since 1953, NDC has been a leading global provider of both upstream and downstream healthcare supply chain products & support.

NDC is a unique healthcare supply chain company. They offer a wide range of solutions for distributors and manufacturers, all in an effort to deliver efficiency to healthcare. NDC aims to serve their customers by helping to access new markets and products, grow sales, and reduce operating and transaction costs.

Learn more by visiting their website: https://www.ndc-inc.com


Rymedi was created to help the Healthcare Industry collaborate and create value across silos.

Rymedi's COVID-19 Connected Diagnostic Platform turns diagnostic tests into sources of secure, real-time data to accelerate pandemic response.

  • Smartphone application for real-time tests results with geolocation
  • QR codes used to verify test kit or reagent authenticity
  • Fully HIPAA, GDPR compliant platform designed to produce CFR21.11 compliant Real-World Evidence

Rymedi's platform assures rapid processing and real-time results reporting. Rymedi's HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant platform ensures the privacy of patient data with its blockchain protocol while presenting dashboards for employers to monitor the health status of employees and customers.

Learn more by visiting their website: https://www.rymedi.com/


Pinnacle Invitro Diagnostics

Pinnacle In vitro Diagnostics is a U.S. based, FDA registered, medical device manufacturing facility. Pinnacle IVD is a pioneer in the diagnostic testing market. They own intellectual property covering diabetes, colon cancer, drug screening, kidney and liver disease and fertility.

Pinnacle IVD continues to be an industry leader, launching multiple safe, effective low-cost, COVID-19 tests, including rapid antibody, and rapid antigen tests.

Learn more by visiting their website: https://www.pblabs.com/