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Secure Digital Testing Platform

COVID-19 Testing Technology Powered by Rymedi™

With Acumen, you’ll have reliable tests and free software to connect to our lab.

With our platform, specialty healthcare providers (with our without their own CLIA Certificate of Waiver) can use our rapid tests and remain compliant with federal product regulations. For providers without COW, we provide laboratory developed tests paired with our lab through free software. LDTs should be used under the lab certificate that developed them, so we provide a free smartphone app that connects to our lab virtually, so these tests can be used in any point of care setting.

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Ensure Compliant Use of Rapid Antigen Tests with Software

This platform certifies qualified test administrators and ensures that specialty providers, long term care facilities, corporate testing programs and more are using highly accurate tests, reporting to public health entities, and communicating results to patients in a HIPAA secure way.

  • Highly accurate, reliable supply of Rapid Tests
  • Our lab will automatically report results to public health entities
  • Rymedi software ensures digital CLIA oversight in real time
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant system
  • Patients can access results on their smartphones
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