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Corporate Testing Solutions

Take the guesswork out of re-opening

Corporate COVID-19 Testing Solutions

For our Corporate Clients, we offer end-to-end testing solutions. COVID-19 isn’t going away, it’s an on-going threat to your business and your employees. Regular testing is necessary to proactively monitor your workforce moving forward. Acumen has the products, protocol, personnel, and software platform to bring peace of mind to your employees.


Testing the healty population will assist in calculating herd immunity.



Acumen helps workers and businesses build verified records of health.


More Testing

Antibody testing can even lead to identifying plasma donor candidates.

Workplace Testing Solutions

Our Corporate Programs are America’s Rapid Response to Open the Workplace

Acumen works closely with policy makers and agency staff to develop clear and actionable programs.

We mitigate as many risks as possible with our reopening plans and we provide a turn-key solution that allows our clients employees to return to work with peace of mind.

These plans are comprehensive and tailored to the needs of each client depending on their industry specifics, employee needs, regional seroprevalence, state guidelines, and much more. Customized solutions outline specific responsibilities for government leadership, private sector employers, and employees.


Keep Your Customers and Employees Safe from COVID-19

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